Metro settles claim of elementary school teacher bruising 8-year-old child’s arm for $500

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A parent of a child in the Metro School system and Metro Nashville Government agreed to a $500 settlement on Friday, in response to an incident in which a then 8-year-old girl who said her teacher at Caldwell Enhanced Option Elementary school bruised her when she grabbed her by the arm.

According to the settlement documents, the incident occurred on March 3, 2018, when the then 8-year-old was talking during class, and her teacher physically put her hands on the student by grabbing her arm and causing her to move away from the other students to sit elsewhere. This caused bruising on the child’s arm, according to her parent.

The agreement of this settlement amount will prevent any future payments or causes of action, even if the injuries prove to be more serious than eventually thought, and will also prevent any civil suit from being filed in the future. As a condition of the settlement, Metro Nashville admits no liability for the incident, and the money must be used for the benefit of the child. The teacher’s name was not released.

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