Mother charged with ‘accessory after the fact’ for hiding felon son, disrupting MNPD search

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Terrell Polk, 18, was arrested on Monday morning, for multiple outstanding warrants for both Nashville and Robertson County. His mother, Catrina Gentry, did her best to prevent his arrest – and now she’s charged with accessory after the fact, a felony.

Catrina Gentry, 39, was aware her son, Terrell Polk, was wanted for multiple outstanding warrants, he had been on the news all weekend, and she knew he was in her house when MNPD knocked on the door. Early Monday morning, officers came to the house with a warrant, and Catrina Gentry answered the door while being very loud and uncooperative, according to a report. She told officers that her son, Terrell, was not there, and refused to allow officers inside. This small standoff lasted about five minutes before she eventually allowed them entry into her North Nashville home.

Catrina Gentry (MNPD)

Once inside the home, officers say she would stand in front of them, attempting to stall the progress of their search. Eventually, they located Terrell Polk hiding inside the washing machine in the basement, where he was taken into custody. Catrina Gentry was charged with accessory after the fact, for her interference, and has since posted a $10,000 bond.

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