Mother leaves baby in car while inside 100 Oaks Ulta Beauty

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Karla Izquierdo, 24, left her baby buckled in a car seat on Thursday while she shopped at Ulta Beauty. She was initially placed on an ICE detainer hold, but was later made eligible for bond, and is free on pre-trial release, charged with misdemeanor child endangerment.

Police say they were flagged down by a citizen at the 100 Oaks Mall just after 5 PM on Thursday, in front of the Ulta Beauty store. The citizen reported she heard a baby crying, and pointed toward the direction of a 1998 green Toyota 4-Runner parked in the parking lot.

Karla Izquierdo (MNPD – 2016)

Inside the vehicle, officers found a small child buckled into a car seat on the rear passenger side of the vehicle, with no one else near the vehicle. A check of the Ulta Beauty store found the baby’s mother, Karla Izquierdo [FB], inside the store. Izquierdo stated that her boyfriend had been in the vehicle and was watching the baby while she shopped, however a review of security cameras showed the vehicle arriving with only the mother and baby in the vehicle, and no one else in, exiting, or entering the vehicle at any time. The boyfriend was contact at his job, where it was confirmed he was clocked-in and working the entire time of the incident, near West End. Presented with these facts, Izquierdo admitted to lying to officers because she “didn’t have papers”.

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Karla Izquierdo [IG] was taken into custody and charged with child endangerment. She was initially placed on an ICE detainer/hold, however was eventually allowed to bond out, and was released on the pre-trial release program. She will appear in court on February 1st, 2019.

[Mugshot photo is from 2016, as the most recent photo was not yet available]

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