Old Hickory ‘Knock & Talk’ nets cocaine, marijuana, currency, & firearm

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Tiffany Williams, 34, is free on a $32,500 bond after she invited detectives into her house on Wednesday, and they found probable cause for a warrant to search her home, resulting in the seizure of drugs, money, and a gun.

MNPD HCSU Detectives conducted a ‘knock and talk’ at a home on the 100 block of Ryburn Court on Wednesday, and upon knocking on the door, Tiffany Williams invited the detectives inside the residence. According to an arrest affidavit, officers immediately smelled an obvious odor of marijuana once invited inside the home. Detectives then asked for consent to search the home, which was denied.

Tiffany Williams (MNPD)

Using the probably cause of the smell of marijuana, detectives froze the scene, and applied for a search warrant for the residence, which was granted and executed.

The search warrant resulted in the seizure of 8 grams of cocaine, multiple digital scales, a small amount of marijuana, one oxycodone pill, and what was described only as a “large amount” of U.S. currency. A loaded Derringer .38 special handgun was also found during the search. Williams admitted to all items found in the house belonging to her, once mirandized.

Tiffany Williams is charged with felony possession of a weapon, possession with intent of a schedule II drug over .5 grams, 2 counts misdemeanor possession, and drug paraphernalia charges. She is free on a $32,500 bond via Elite Bonding.

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