Shoplifting couple arrested after man stuffs Louis Vuitton bag down front of sweat pants

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Heather Jared, 45, and Greg Jared, 42, have both been charged with attempted theft after they were caught shoplifting at Dillard’s in Rivergate. Greg was caught with a $1365 Louis Vuitton bag stuffed down the front of his sweatpants.

The coupe was caught at Rivergate mall, at the Dillard’s store. Goodlettsville police officer Charles Hauskin was working his off-duty job in the camera room, when he first observed the couple carrying a $1354 Louis Vuitton bag that was previously locked to a table via a cable. He then went to the area they were in to deter any theft. As he watched the couple, the male, Greg Jared, stuffed the bag down the front of his sweat pants to conceal it. As Hauskin approached Jared, he removed the bag from his pants and told him he was “just moving it”. A check of the bag’s original location showed the steel cable had been cut.

As the officer approached the female, Heather Jared, he asked to search her purse for cutting tools, and she agreed. Inside her purse, the officer found a $12 Kate Landry wallet concealed. A consent search of Greg revealed a pair of $60 Fossil sun glasses in his left coat pocket, and a pair of wire cutters in his right coat pocket.

Gregory Shawn Jared is charged with attempted felony theft (over $1,000), and is free on a $2,500 bond. Heather Lynn Jared is charged with attempted misdemeanor theft (under $1,000), and is on pre-trial release.

Mugshots were not immediately available from MNPD, however they were able to provide mugshots from prior arrests.

Heather Jared (MNPD-2012)

Gregory Jared (MNPD-2010)

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