Traffic stop leads to drugs found under hood, in gas cap… meth, heroin, & pills

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A traffic stop for a non-illuminated license plate resulted in the arrest of 2 people, and the seizure of money and drugs hidden throughout the car, including under the hood and in the gas cap.

Nathaniel Wasserman, and his passenger & owner of the vehicle, Logan Borgelt, were traveling on I-65 South this week when an officer noticed their license plate was not illuminated, and initiated a traffic stop on the vehicle. Upon running the driver’s information it was found he had a full extradition warrant out of Indiana, in addition to a felony warrant for Nashville probation. The driver, Wasserman, was taken into custody, and it was noticed he had marijuana ‘shake’ all over his shirt. Officers used this for probable cause to search the vehicle, according to an arrest warrant.

The passenger, Logan Borgelt, was asked to step out of the vehicle so it could be searched, and during conversation with officers he disclosed that Wasserman had given him ‘something to hold’ prior to the vehicle coming to a complete stop for the officer, and Borglet had stuffed it down his pants.

Logan Todd Borgelt (MNPD)

Officers then searched Borglet, which let to the discovery of $502 of US currency in small denominations, a small amount of heroin, and a small amount of methamphetamine.

A full search of the vehicle resulted in the seizure of a total 3.53 oz of methamphetamine in three separate bags. One bag was located inside the gas cap of the vehicle, another was concealed next to the cold air intake, under the hood of the vehicle, and the final bag was located inside the cab of the vehicle. Under the hood, officers also found a bag of marijuana. 16 Clonazepam pills were also inside the cab of the vehicle, along with four small baggies of heroin.

The passenger, Logan Borgelt, was found to be the owner of the vehicle. Police say he admitted during an interview to having knowledge of drug transactions being conducted from the vehicle, so he was equally charged, even though Wasserman claimed ownership of all narcotics located inside the vehicle.

Nathaniel Wilbert Wasserman (MNPD)

Nathaniel Wilbert Wasserman, 40, remains in jail in lieu of a $386,500 bond on for probation violation, possession w/intent (meth) 26-999 grams, possession w/intent (marijuana) 14-4535 grams, simple possession, possession w/intent SCH I, paraphernalia, and fugitive from justice charges.

Logan Todd Borgelt, 22, remains in jail in lieu of a $111,500 bond for possession w/intent (meth) 26-999 grams, possession w/intent (marijuana) 14-4535 grams, simple possession, possession w/intent SCH I, and paraphernalia charges.

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