$3 million lawsuit filed in Antioch Captain D’s ice-throwing assault

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A newly filed $3,000,000.00 lawsuit alleges an Antioch Captain D’s restaurant manager, Shanera Jones, assaulted a customer by throwing a glass of ice on him.

The lawsuit, filed this week in Davidson County Circuit Court, alleges Captain D’s employee Shanera Jones threw a cup of ice at the Plaintiff, Herman Hunter, in a “harmful and offensive manner” intended to cause “apprehension of imminent harmful or offensive contact”. The civil suit does not specify what led up to the incident between the manager and customer.

Shanera Jones, named in lawsuit

The alleged incident happened at the location at 2705 Murfreesboro Road, in February of 2018, where records show that manager Shanera Jones, the accused ice-thrower, worked from open to close on the day in question. The suit names Shanera individually, as well as two Captain D’s associated company entities.

Shanera Jones responded on social media early Wednesday morning, saying:

“Hell yeah ..that shit happened last year. A man used to come in there all the time. He toss money at me and it hit me so i toss a sweet tea at his ass”

Courtesy of Facebook live, we can see some of the day in question, broadcast publicly by the accused manager Shanera Jones:

A court date has not yet been set, as the the lawsuit was just filed on January 28th. The Plaintiff, Herman Hunter, is represented by Daniel Alholm of the Vrdolyak Law Group.

You can view the full 16-page filing here.

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