Brick through window leads to discovery of prison purse full of methamphetamine

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Late Wednesday evening, officers responded to a possible home invasion w/firearm call in Antioch on Apache Trail. Upon arrival, officers found a brick through a window, and two suspects sitting in a vehicle, one with a gun, and both of them with a lot of meth – with one hiding it much better than the other.

The victim called 911, stating that someone was trying to get into her home, banging on her bedroom window, calling her stupid, and tossing a brick through her window. When officers arrived they surprisingly found the suspects still in the driveway, sitting in a vehicle, and a brick on the inside of the home, with a shattered window. As officers approached the vehicle, the female suspect, Elizabeth Uvalle, was sitting in the passenger seat, with a handgun partially under her leg, which officers quickly took control of.

Elizabeth Uvalle (MNPD)

In the passenger seat, officers located Uvalle’s boyfriend, Francisco Villegas. Both individuals were detained and searched. Inside the vehicle, officers found a bag of methamphetamine near where Villegas was sitting, weighing 48.1 grams. When Uvalle was searched, at booking, officers located 3 grams of crystal methamphetamine in her bra, 60 grams of crystal methamphetamine inside her vagina, commonly known as a ‘prison purse’ to inmates, and a meth pipe in her shirt pocket. There was also a scale, a grinder, a small amount of marijuana, a mirror with meth residue, and other assorted small items seized from inside the vehicle and the Uvalle’s actual purse.

Francisco Villegas (MNPD)

Elizabeth Uvalle, 28, remains in jail this morning in lieu of a $49,000 bond on multiple firearm and drug related charges. Her 20-year-old boyfriend, Franciso Villegas, is held in lieu of a $31,100 bond for multiple felonies, and also has an ICE-Detainer hold on his release.

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