“I’m on bars and ready to tase somebody”, he said to the victim as he pulled out a taser

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Devin Jay Dickson, 19, is charged with domestic assault, after his roommate says he came into the apartment and said “I’m on [Xanax] bars , and ready to tase somebody”, pulled out a taser and activated it.

The incident started earlier this month when police were dispatched to an argument between roommates of an apartment, just after 2 a.m., near Bellevue.  The roommates consist of Devin Dickson, and a female, her child, and her boyfriend. The female roommate told police that tensions were already high due to financial issues between the parties, and she claims Dickson was already behind in his own rent.

Devin Dickson (MNPD)

The victim reports that Dickson encountered her downstairs on the 13th of January, demanding rent money, and asking where her boyfriend was, because he was ready to fight him. Dickson exited the apartment momentarily, and returned to meet the victim in the living room. The victim alleges that Dickson then told her he was on [Xanax] bars, and ready to tase somebody, then pulled out a taser from his pocket and activated it. Devin then reportedly said “someone is going to get tased”m while pointing it at her, putting her in fear of bodily injury. She gathered her child and left the apartment. Once she returned, she found her bedroom door had been busted open, and her belongings thrown about.

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Devin Jay Dickson is charged with domestic assault, as was taken into custody just after 10 a.m. on Thursday, and is free on pre-trial release. He is scheduled to appear in court in February.

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