Man asked police to help locate and retrieve meth he left in hotel room, they obliged

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Sunday night, 31-year-old Nicholas J Walden had an altercation with the people in his Goodlettsville hotel room at the red Roof Inn. He walked a short distance away, and reported to police he had been ‘stabbed’. When officers arrived, they found that Walden only had some minor superficial cuts on his hands, and he told officers about some sort of altercation at his hotel room, but wasn’t making sense with his words, according to the officers, and admitted he was high on methamphetamine.

Officers told Walden they were going to make contact with the people in his hotel room, and he gave them the room number, and asked the officers if they could search for and locate the rest of the crystal meth he had left in the hotel room, while they were there.

Nicholas Walden (MNPD)

Medics then transported Walden to Skyline for treatment, while officers made their way to the Red Roof Inn, confirmed the room was registered to Walden, and made contact with the others in the room. Officers then searched the room for the methamphetamine, at Walden’s request, and found it, along with a lot more.

Inside the room officers located and seized the methamphetamine, which was in 3 bags totaling 2 grams, 2 bags of heroin totaling 1 gram, 2 bags of ‘molly’ totaling 3 grams, 11 hits of LSD/acid individually packaged within 2 bags, 2 grams of mushrooms, 5 ecstasy pills, 3 Adderall, 2 grams of marijuana, 5 Zanaflex pills, 2 Gabapentin, 3 Trazodone pills, and a glass pipe.

Nicholas Walden is currently held in lieu of a $106,000 bond. He is charged with 3 counts of possession w/intent SCH I, 5 counts of simple possession, paraphernalia, possession w/intent of meth, and 2 counts of possession without prescription.

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