Man calls 911 to report imaginary intruders; Police find cocaine purification operation in home

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Zachary Winton, 32, called 911 Friday afternoon to report intruders inside his Nashville home. Officers arrived, and with Winton’s permission, entered the home to apprehend the reported intruders, but no one was located inside the residence.

While walking through, police did observe marijuana and other drug paraphernalia items in plain view, and when presented to Winston, he signed search consent form, allowing them permission to fully search his home. Detectives recovered a liquid solution containing a white powder that field tested positive for cocaine, with a total weight of 100 grams, as well as a small amount of dry powder cocaine. Also recovered was 237 grams of marijuana.

Zachary Winton (MNPD)

In a recorded interview with detectives, Zachary Winton admitted that he purchased cocaine and ‘purified’ it before distributing it at various Nashville bars – though he claimed to do so for free. Winton is held in lieu of a $60,000 bond, charged with two counts of possession of intent, one for the cocaine ($50K), the other for marijuana ($10K). He has a bond review hearing on January 30th.

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