Man charged with holding woman against her will & assaulting her on boat at Old Hickory marina

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For nearly six hours, a woman says she was held against her will on a boat docked at the Blue Turtle Bay Marina, in Old Hickory, while she was assaulted, head butted, and forced onto a bed against her will.

A police report shows the victim says she arrived at the docked boat of Travis Rosskamp just before 10 a.m. on January 5th. She and Rosskamp briefly spoke and she says he became ‘enraged’. According to a statement, Rosskamp pushed her up against the wall, causing bruising, grabbed her arms, tapped her with a yardstick as if to put her in fear he would hit her hard with it, and head-butted her periodically throughout the day. The victim says every time she attempted to leave, Rosskamp would stand in the doorway of the cabin, preventing her from being able to leave the boat, which was docked at the Blue Turtle Bay Marina. She attempted to get past him once, when she says he grabbed her during her attempt to flee, wrapped his arms around her, and forced her onto the bed inside the boat cabin.

Travis Rosskamp (MNPD)

The victim reported several bruises, and soreness, from the encounter. It was approximately six hours later before she was able to escape the situation.

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Travis Rosskamp, 41, is charged with false imprisonment and domestic assault. He was booked into a Nashville jail on Monday, and then posted a $2,500 bond. He is scheduled to  appear in court later this month.

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