Man says he was selling drugs to pay for a needed surgery because of lack of health insurance

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40-year-old William Howse, III,  says he was forced to sell drugs, in order to pay for a needed surgery, because of a lack of medical insurance. He was arrested after a traffic stop, which revealed marijuana, cocaine, and ecstasy in his vehicle. He is held in lieu of a $114,000 bond.

Police say they pulled over Hose on December 26th, for an improper lane change on Ellington Parkway. Officer Maeser reported smelling marijuana coming from the vehicle, so a search was conducted. When asked if anything was in the vehicle, Howse hung his head and stated there was ‘2 ounces’ in the vehicle. When asked if he had anything on him, Howse lifted his hands in the air, revealing a handgun tucked into his pants.

William Howse III (MNPD)

During a search of the vehicle, police found a backpack in the rear of the vehicle, which contained 5.4 grams of cocaine, 121.7 grams of marijuana, and 66.5 ecstasy pills, all of which were divided into their own bags. Howse disclosed to officers he was selling drugs in order to pay for a needed medical surgery.

William Ira Howse, III,  is currently held in lieu of a $114,000 bond, charged with felon in possession of a handgun, possession w/intent SCH I, possession of firearm w/intent during felony, possession of cocaine, over .5 grams, and possession w/intent of marijuana 14.175 – 4535 grams.

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