Man slaps & assaults 2-year-old daughter with Nintendo Switch after she drops it, police say

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Laharles Frazier, 27, was arrested and charged with child abuse and domestic assault on Friday, after he slapped his 2-year-old daughter in the face, and hit her with a NES Switch, which she had accidentally dropped.

Police were responding to a separate domestic incident at the Antioch home, when they learned of the assault of the child that happened on December 31st. The victim’s older sister was able to corroborate what happened, and explained to officers that they were inside playing when her 2-year-old sister dropped Frazier’s Nintendo Switch onto the floor, by accident. She told police Laharles Frazier got extremely upset and slapped the child in the face with his hand “really hard”. Frazier then picked up the Nintendo Switch and hit the 2-year-old in the face with the game system, knocking her to the floor.

Laharles Frazier (MNPD)

Frazier then picked up the 2-year-old, and but her in a bed until her mother arrived back home. Police were able to see visible injuries on the child’s left eye, with notable swelling and bruising.  DCS was notified of the incident.

Laharles Frazier was charged with felony child abuse and domestic assault. He posted a $12,000 bond via Free At Last bonding.

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