Man smashed through window to assault woman in East Nashville

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Raymond Ware, 26, remains in a Nashville jail this morning, after he was finally arrested on multiple outstanding warrants from August, when he brutally assaulted a woman in East Nashville, after smashing through a window while she was doing laundry.

The incident happened in August, on Lenore Street in East Nashville. The female victim was at a friend’s house doing laundry, when Raymond Ware shattered a window of the apartment and climbed through it. Police say Ware held the victim down by her throat and punched her repeatedly until her entire face was swollen and bloody. Once finished, Ware exited via the same window he shattered earlier.

Raymond Ware (MNPD)

As Ware was escaping through the window, the leaseholder of the apartment was returning home, and saw him fleeing. A brief fight occurred before Ware was able to continue to run away. The leaseholder went inside to find his female friend beaten up, and she was transported to the hospital.

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Later that evening, after officers has processed and cleared the scene, the leaseholder was cleaning up the broken glass, when a neighbor altered him that the man from earlier (Ware) had returned and was hiding in the parking lot. The leaseholder, now in fear for his own life, ran inside of his apartment to get his registered firearm, and hid inside the residence, prepared to defend himself if necessary. After 15 minutes with no more activity, he returned to continue cleaning up the glass outside. That’s when he saw Ware, with a firearm in his right hand, slide down the wooded area behind the apartment, toward the leaseholder. In fear of his life, the leaseholder fired 3 to 4 rounds at Ware, however Ware still escaped, again, and warrants were filed for his arrest.

Raymond Ware, 26, was arrested on outstanding charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, aggravated assault (strangulation), and aggravated burglary. 8 months prior to the August incident, Ware received a 4-day county jail sentence for a prohibited weapon charge. 2 months prior to the incident the state dismissed a domestic assault charge, when the victim failed to assist in prosecution. He is currently held in lieu of a $45,000 bond.

Ware has twice been denied a security guard license from the state for ‘false statements’ on his application.

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