Man sold heroin from backyard shed in West Nashville

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Dell ‘Chip’ Wadholm, Jr., age 35, has been arrested and charged with two felony drug charges after he sold heroin to a confidential informant working with the Metro Nashville Police Department on two occasions in October and December of 2018.

Police say in October they wired a confidential informant with a listening device, provided money for the purchase of heroin, and followed the CI to Pennsylvania Ave, where Wadholm was known to sell heroin from a shed in the backyard of the residence, accessible directly from the alley. During this transaction, the CI was made to wait about a half hour, and a female, Victoria Deann Wilson, told the CI to wait elsewhere, as to not draw attention from police in the area. Wadholm was then seen leaving in his gold Pontiac minivan. Once he returned, several vehicles, including the CI, immediately re-approached the shed. The CI was taken inside the shed, and the police could hear, via the listening device, the transaction taking place. The CO purchased a felony amount of heroin, which the police then recovered.

Dell Wadholm Jr (MNPD)

Two months later, in December, police conducted another near identical transaction, also using a confidential informant. Dell Wadholm, Jr. was charged with two felony drug charges, along with Victoria Wilson, who was also present during the transactions.

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