Man who hid in bathroom of hotel room while wife prostituted is charged as her pimp

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Mareco Ross is charged with felony promoting prostitution (aka pimping), after he hid in the bathroom of the hotel room where his wife had sex with other men for money, and he kept a portion of the take as his payment for being her ‘security’.

Metro Police executed a prostitution sting at the Somatel Hotel on East Cedar Street in Goodlettsville on Tuesday. During the planning phase of the sting, MNPD Officer Ryan Sabel made arrangements with a woman, to pay her $160 for sex. Police arrived at the hotel, and the after the money transaction took place, other members of the Madison CSU entered the hotel room as a part of the sting.

Mareco Ross (MNPD)

Detectives could hear noises coming from the bathroom of the hotel room, and ordered the person out of the room. A man, identified as the woman’s husband, Mareco Martez Ross, exited the bathroom. Officers then searched the bathroom and found a mason jar of marijuana.

The wife told detectives that she has her husband hide in the bathroom while she prostitutes in the bedroom area of the hotel room, for her own protection, and that after each deal is done , she gives him a small cut of the money for that protection. She continued to explain to detectives how the setup worked, and that he has been hiding in the bathroom for all of her deals that she has completed at that hotel over the past few days.

Mareco Martez Ross, 33, was charged with ‘promotion prostitution’, which is Tennessee’s version of ‘pimping’, which is a felony. He was also charged with misdemeanor possession for the marijuana. He is currently held in lieu or a $16,000 bond.

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