MNPD allows man to bond out, then feds pick him up on gun charge Metro passed on

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On September 6th, Deanthony Fletcher called Metro Police to report his car had just been stolen out of his driveway on Moorewood Drive. Patrol Officer Derek Sibley responded and took a report. Fletcher reported he had left his vehicle running while he went back inside to use the restroom and retrieve his cell phone, and it was gone when he came back outside.

Recently, police found that Fletcher’s 2016 Hyundai Sonata had been burned in Williamson County, and since recovered. Detectives then took out a warrant for his arrest for filing a false report, and arrested Fletcher on Thursday night, booked, and allowed him to bond out via Jenkins Bonding.

Deanthony Fletcher (MNPD)

Fletcher’s issues didn’t end there. During Thursday’s arrest, he admitted to possession of a loaded handgun. Metro PD did not charge him with the gun. Instead, they allowed him to post his bond to get out of jail. Late Friday evening, MNPD released a statement, acknowledging that Fletcher has now been taken into federal custody, and charged federally for being a felon in possession of a handgun – which he admitted to during MNPD’s prior interview, but Metro Police didn’t charge him for it. Fletcher has two previous convictions for aggravated assault, stemming from separate shooting incidents on 2013.

Fletcher is currently being processed in federal custody.

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