Nashville’s self-proclaimed ‘king’ of fake documents: Meet Masi Kingston

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It’s a world that most of Nashville knows nothing about, but it’s a big cash business. It’s the world of fake documents. From fake IDs to drive, fake paychecks to qualify for an apartment, auto insurance, or even drive-out tags for your vehicle; if you want it, you can get it – for a price. While there are only a handful of high-volume fake document producers in the city, one of them has declared himself the king, openly advertising his services across social media.

Meet 27-year-old Masi Kingston, who moved from Queens, New York, to Nashville. For years, Kingston has openly sold fake documents to anyone in Nashville with a need, even listing his prices across social media.

A doctor’s note will cost you $30, while a utility bill, often used to verify your identity, are $45. When it comes to check stubs, there’s savings in quantity. A single stub is $40, but go as low as $25 each if you buy 4 or more. You can even use a check stub with a company name that rings to his phone, in case they verify the check.

Need a temporary tag for your car? That’ll be $65.

Kingston recently said he made more than the average salary in Nashville, just by selling documents. To date, Kingston has gotten away with manufacturing the fake documents, including temporary car tags, which would likely carry the most weight if he were ever caught. Kingston has prior convictions in Nashville for aggravated robbery, assault, and burglary, but none related to his document production business.

The next time you wonder how that person at your job got hired, or how that person with no job is just got approved for your apartment complex and is moving in, or why your neighbor has drive-out tags on their vehicle for the past year – Masi Kingston could be the reason.

A Metro Police Officer from the Hermitage Precinct says people who make fake documents, in general, are “helping crime to continue in our city and its neighborhoods.” He also added that once the document is given to someone to pass as a legal document, such as a car tag, that could likely create a conspiracy under some fraud statutes in Tennessee. “What may seem like an innocent assist to a friend, could result in serious charges”, he also told Scoop: Nashville.

Masi Kingston (MNPD)
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