Officers arrest 2 with MDMA filled syringe in Golden Corral parking lot; 85 grams of MDMA

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Metro Police responded to a suspicious vehicle call Wednesday near Old Hickory Boulevard and Old Lebanon Dirt Road. The vehicle was located, and was moving between multiple locations before finally stopping at the Golden Corral parking lot in Hermitage.

Callie Combs (MNPD)

Inside the vehicle was Burt C. Daxton, 26, and Callie M Combs, 24. Both individuals gave consent to search the vehicle, and officers found a clear rock material that tested positive for MDMA (ecstasy). A further search revealed a syringe/needle containing a clear liquid fluid, which also tested positive for MDMA (ecstasy). Total weight of all recovered MDMA was 85 grams.

Burt Daxton (MNPD)

Callie Combs and Burt Daxton were both charged with possession with intent of a schedule I narcotic, and given $5,000 bonds. Callie posted bond a few hours after being booked, while Daxton remains in jail in lieu of his $5,000 bond.

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