Police ‘knock & talk’ leads to admission & seizure of cocaine & stolen firearm

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Metro Police observed a group of individuals standing near multiple vehicles in the alley behind the 600 block of Sylvan Street on January 1st. As they got closer, the individuals all walked away and into a house on Sylvan Street. Officers continued toward the vehicles, and looked into the windows of them, including a white Honda Accord. Inside the Accord, officers say they observed a green cloth bag with what appeared to be crack cocaine visible in it, in plain view from outside. In the passenger side floorboard, officer could also see a firearm.

Courtney Jordan (MNPD)

Officers made their way to the house the group of individuals entered earlier, knocked on the door, and were given permission by the leaseholder to search the residence. Once inside, Officers spoke with one of the individuals, 28-year-old Courtney Jordan. Jordan told officers that the narcotics and firearm inside the vehicle belonged to him. Police were given the keys to the vehicle and recovered 16 grams of crack cocaine, 20 grams of powder cocaine, 5 grams of marijuana, digital scales, and a stolen Ruger P89 firearm, loaded with 8 rounds of ammunition.

Courtney D Jordan was charged with simple possession, possession w/intent of a SCH II over 26 grams, felon in possession of a weapon during a felony, theft, felon in possession of a weapon, all totaling a $37,500 bond.

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