Student admits to sexual battery of 2 other students at Hunters Lane High School

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19-year-old MacCell Deon Buchanan was located and arrested late Monday evening on two outstanding felony sexual battery related warrants that occurred at Hunters Lane High School last school year.

The incident, which was captured on school security cameras, happened last year, and the warrants were signed in November of 2018. According to the victims (and video), MacCell Buchanan, who was also a student at the time, was in a hallway of Hunters Lane High School with two minor female students. Buchanan approached the two underage victims and asked them both to show him their breasts.

MacCell Buchanan (MNPD)

The girls refused and MacCell walked away, but returned a few moments later and pulled out his penis, exposing it to the two girls. He grabbed one of the girl’s hand and attempted to make her touch his penis, however she pulled away prior to making contact. He then grabbed the other girls hand, and was able to place it on his penis before she pulled her hand away and the two girls fled from Buchanan.

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MacCell Buchanan was interviewed by police and admitted to his actions. He was charged with one count of sexual battery, and one count of attempted sexual battery. He posted a $3500 bond ($2500 & $1000, respectively), shortly after being booked into jail. He is scheduled to appear in court in March.

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