Suboxone found in card addressed to Catherine Pinhal in Nashville jail, Cody Caldwell arrested for sending

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Cody Richard Caldwell, 26, is charged with sending inmate Catherine Pinhal a greeting card with drugs inside it, and writing a fake name (Seth Graves) as the sender, in an attempt to hide his own identity.

Catherine Pinhal, 27, has been in a Nashville jail since November, charged with¬†vehicular homicide by intoxication for the September 22nd head-on collision that claimed the life of Gilda York, 57. She was charged with bringing contraband with her into the jail when she was first arrested, and now she’s charged with receiving Suboxone in a card that she arranged to have mailed to her.

Cody Caldwell (MNPD)

Police say that Cody Caldwell mailed a card to the jail with Suboxone melted down and place into the inner side of the greeting card. Investigator Topper located the card, which was addressed to Pinhal, from ‘Seth Graves’. After the substance tested positive for Suboxone, Topper compared the writing of the return name/address to previous mail received by inmate Pinhal. He found a match in the handwriting to Cody Caldwell, and then reviewed jail calls between the two, and found Pinhal & Caldwell discussing sending Suboxone inside a greeting Card.

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Catherine Pinhal (MNPD)

Cody Caldwell is charged with felony take/send contraband into a penal institution, and Pinhal was charged with the same.

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