Super Hair World showdown: husband & wife arrested after brawl with shots fired.

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After an argument between two women over how one was caring for her children ended up in a Super Hair World parking lot, a woman was assaulted in her vehicle by a husband & wife team. The wife took the victim’s gun from her, and the husband fired it at the victim.

Metro Police responded to the parking area in front of Super Hair World on Gallatin Pike late Thursday, in response to a person being assaulted and threatened with a weapon. Upon arrival they found the victim, along with a husband and wife pair, Johnathan Petway & Lavonda Briley, who would be the two assailants in this case. Both the suspects and the victim were in agreement that the argument started a short distance away, at a Mapco gas station, when Lavonda and the victim argued over the care-taking of the victim’s children.

Lavonda Briley (MNPD)

The argument continued as the pair drove, and parked in front of Super Hair World, where security video recorded the remainder of the incident. As shown on the video, the both parties park their vehicles to continue their argument off the roadway. Lavonda Briley approached the victim’s vehicle, knocked on the window, and then pulled the door open and began to repeatedly punch the victim who was in the driver’s seat. The victim has injuries to her face when police arrived.

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During the assault, the female victim pulled a handgun out in self-defense and pointed it at Lavonda, however Lavonda took the gun from the victim. Lavonda gave the gun to her husband, Johnathan Petway, who then broke up the fight between the two women, and the married couple walked away, back to their vehicle.

Johnathan Petway (MNPD)

Johnathan and Lavonda then return to the victim’s vehicle. Johnathan is holding the victim’s handgun, and points it at the victim, and pulled the trigger, firing a bullet at the victim. He would later claim that he does not remember pointing the Taurus PT738 .380 caliber at the victim, and told police it must have accidentally went off.

The husband and wife pair were taken into custody. Lavonda Bailey was charged with assault and given pre-trial release, while Johnathan Petway was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and given a $10,000 bond.

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