Suspect jumps from moving vehicle; 48 syringes, 7.2 grams meth; “I sell meth to have a place to live”

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Ethan Shawn Conner, 27, jumped from the passenger seat of the a moving vehicle, when he noticed police vehicles pull behind him. A subsequent search revealed meth, syringes, and a Goodlettsville police officer that wanted to show off his math skills.

Police say it all happened in the parking lot of Kroger on Northcreek Boulevard in Goodlettsville. They pulled behind a burgundy Nissan, with the knowledge that Conner had outstanding warrants, and were about to attempt to take him into custody. Once Conner noticed the police, and jumped from the vehicle, which was driven by Caityln Gamble, he was chased on foot to the nearby Travelodge on Northgate Circle, where he was taken into custody behind the hotel.

Ethan Conner (MNPD)

A search incident to arrest resulted in 7.2 grams of methamphetamine, contained in 2 baggies on his person. Inside the car, officers discovered a ‘large amount’ of small baggies, a digital scale, and 48 syringes, some of which were used.

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Goodlettsville Officer Jeffrey Hunter, who signed the arrest warrant, took a moment of personal privilege to show off his math skills in the narrative, writing:¬†“.25 grams is 1 hit of meth, 7.2 grams would equal 28.8 hits of meth. The average hit lasts 12 hours. If Conner took .25 grams every 12 hours, he would be high for 14.4 days straight”.

Officer Jeff Hunter (GPD)

According to an affidavit, Conner volunteered to investigators that he was homeless, and sells meth to have a place to live. Ethan Conner remains in a Nashville jail in lieu of a $53,00 bond. Charges include 1 failure to appear, 3 capias warrants, resisting arrest, paraphernalia, and possession w/intent SCH II. He also has an out of county hold for violating bond conditions out of Sumner County, by being in contact with the driver, Caitlyn Gamble.

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