Suspect offered MNPD Officer $500, then $3000, to release him from DUI arrest

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MNPD Officer Bradley Nave says the man he was arresting, 40-year-old Kleber Soriano, offered him $500 to let him walk away from a DUI arrest. When Nave told him it wasn’t a good idea to try to bribe an officer, Soriano upped the offer to $3,000.

It all started on Murfreesboro Pike early Sunday morning. Kleber Soriano was recorded traveling 54 mph in a 45 mph zone, while the roads were wet with light snow. Officer Nave conducted a traffic stop, during which Soriano admitted to drinking on Broadway earlier in the night, and also to taking a prescription medication. After conducting SFST’s, Officer Nave was placing Soriano into custody, when he offered him $300 to let him walk away from the arrest. Officer Nave told him it was not a good idea to try to bribe an officer, at which time Soriano increased his offer to $3,000 if he could be let go. A night court commissioner signed a warrant for Soriano’s blood, and it was taken at General Hospital.

Kleber Soriano (MNPD)

Soriano is charged with DUI and bribery of a public servant. He posted a $5,500 bond and is scheduled to appear in court in February.

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