Unlawful exposure: Man recorded sex with girlfriend, they broke up, he sent video to her friends

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Jerral Davis, 31, was arrested on new charges, along with multiple outstanding warrants, Monday afternoon. One of the warrants charges him with ‘unlawful exposure’, after he recorded himself and his girlfriend having sex , then sent it to her friends after she ended the relationship.

According to an arrest warrant, during the consensual sexual encounter, which occurred at the Econo Lodge North, on Maplewood Terrace, Jerral Davis  pulled out his cell phone and began recording, when his girlfriend told him she did not want to be recorded. Davis responded:

“You don’t want to show off for the camera?”

Jerral Davis (MNPD)

The victim/girlfriend saw him put the camera down after saying no, assuming he had stopped the recording. This happened in November 4th, 2018. On November 8th, the victim broke up with Davis, and on November 13th Davis began making repeated unwanted calls and texts to the victim. On November 14th the victim began receiving texts asking her about the video she was in, and after seeing the video, realized it was her having sex with Jerral Davis, as it turned out he continued the recording after her multiple statements of not wanting to be recorded. At least 5 of her friends were sent the video directly by Jerral, per his own statement. He also threatened to assault her. The victim contacted police on the following day, and a warrant was issued for the arrest of Jerral Davis.

Jerral Davis was arrested for this charge, and many others on Monday, including unlawful exposure, two capias warrants, harassment, vandalism, theft, and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. He is currently held in lieu of a $31,000 bond.

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