VIDEO: Watch closing arguments in preliminary hearing of MNPD Officer Andrew Delke

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The closing arguments in the preliminary hearing of Andre Delke were delivered on Saturday, in front of Judge Melissa Blackburn. MNPD Officer Andrew Delke is charged with the murder of Daniel Hambrick, after he shot him in the back and killed him. Judge Blackburn is set to rule if the case will move forward on Monday.

WATCH: Andrew Delke’s attorney David Raybin, delivers his closing argument in front of Judge Melissa Blackburn:

WATCH: Closing argument from Saturday’s preliminary hearing by District Attorney General Glenn Funk, who said that inconsistencies in Andrew Delke’s interview with the TBI are a sign he did something wrong. Officer Delke is charged with shooting and killing Daniel Hambrick.

DA Funk: “Any person in Davidson County who shoots someone who is running away from them, shoots him in the back and kills them, needs to be held accountable for his actions”.

Judge Blackburn is expected to rule on Monday if the case will move forward to a Grand Jury. Here’s the original affidavit on which his arrest was based:

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