Wife kidnapped, tied up with vacuum cord, & held at gunpoint by husband and female friend

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A Nashville woman says she was kidnapped and held at gunpoint by her husband and a female friend, after he accused her of cheating.

On Thursday, January 3rd, a woman notified Metro Police that she had been kidnapped and assaulted by her husband, 26-year-old Kevin Fletcher, and his 26-year-old female friend, Jonya Shelton. The victim reported that she was visiting her husband earlier that afternoon, when they got into an argument about whether or not she had cheated on him. Also at the house was her husband’s friend, Jonya Shelton.

The victim told police that during the argument, her husband pulled a knife on her, and held it to her throat, while Jonya assisted him in tying her up with the cord of a vacuum cleaner. After she was fully restrained with the electrical cord, she says Kevin held the knife to her throat again, and said “Don’t lie to me, or I’ll kill you!”.

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Kevin Fletcher (MNPD)

Shortly after, she says Kevin untied her, and then pulled out a gun. He forced her into a back room at gunpoint, and slapped her multiple times, eventually knocking her to the floor, where he choked her. After a period of time, she was able to convince her husband to take her to her place of employment, where she was able to call police once she was there.

Jonya Shelton (MNPD)

Kevin Allen Fletcher, 26, is currently held in lieu of a $140,000 bond. He is charged with aggravated kidnapping, aggravated assault, and felony weapon charges. He was out on $52,000 bond at the time of his arrest. He was recently arraigned on grand jury on December 12th, for indictments for previous drug & weapons charges, when he was found with crystal meth, heroin, and a stolen gun during a traffic stop.

Jonya N Shelton, 26, is currently held in lieu of a $75,000 bond. She is charged with aggravated kidnapping, and accessory charges. She has a previous arrest for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon from 2017 which was nollied. An arrest report from that incident shows that police responded when the female Shelton was dating at the time called police to say that Shelton her in the face,  and grabbed a knife from the kitchen, touching her with the point of the knife, repeatedly while saying “I’ll kill you”.

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