20-year-old kicked out of Piranha’s Bar returns with gun to pistol whip & threaten victims

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Martin Yosry Eskander (Abdalla)[fb], 20, is free on a $68,000 bond after police say he was kicked out of Piranha’s Bar, only to return with a firearm, pistol whip a victim, and threaten to shoot others as he yet again returned to the location in a vehicle.

According to Metro Police, officers were dispatched to Piranha’s on 3rd Avenue North in the early hours of last Sunday morning. 20-year-old Martin Eskander[t] had just been kicked out of the back door of Piranha’s bar, only to return to the front door to regain entry.  As he was then being kicked out of the front door, Eskander pulled a black 9 mm Bersa from his right front pocket and pulled the slide to the rear, loading the gun. Witnesses say Eskander then pointed the gun and pistol whipped a victim, causing injury to his mouth.

Martin Eskander (MNPD)

Eskander then got into the passenger seat of a vehicle, and he and the driver fled the scene. Moments later, the pair looped back around the street, and Eskander pulled his gun as they drove by Piranha’s, pointing it out the passenger window, making verbal threats to shoot other victims. Police were able to locate the vehicle and initiate a stop at 2nd Avenue North & Gay Street, where Eskander[SC] and the driver were detained. A loaded 9 mm Bersa stuffed into the seat back of the driver’s seat.

Martin Yosry Eskander (Abdalla)[IG], who just turned 20 on January 29th, was arrested and charged with 3 felony counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, illegal possession of a handgun, and an outstanding warrant on a possession with intent case from 2018. He posted a $68,000 bond via  AAbout Time Bonding. The case has been bound over to the Grand Jury.

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