47-year-old accused of sexual battery of 11-year-old claims victim initiated encounters

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Edgar Antonio Santamaria-Olmedo, 47, was taken into custody just before midnight on Monday on four felony warrants, each charging him with a count of aggravated sexual battery of a child under 13-years-old. He is held in lieu of an $80,000 bond.

Records show that a DNA search warrant was served on Santamaria-Olmedo on February 8th, after an 11-year-old victim came forward with sexual assault allegations, naming him as the perpetrator. Three days later, Santamaria-Olmedo called a Metro Nashville detective and left a lengthy voicemail on his office phone number, stating he was “giving his testimony” of the case against him.

Edgar Antonio Santamaria-Olmedo (MNPD)

In the voicemail, Santamaria-Olmedo stated that the 11-year-old female victim would lay next to him, or sit on his lap, and rub her intimate body parts on his leg until she had an orgasm. He stated this happened on 4 occasions over a five-month period, between July and December of 2018. According to his voicemail he told her it would be “their secret” so he could investigate where she learned to do this – a question he says he only asked her after the 4th time it happened.

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