Couple awakens to gunfire in bathroom; finds roommate talking gibberish over toilet

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An Antioch couple was awakened in late January, when they heard a gunshot come from within their home on Cimarron Way at 4 a.m., so the couple quickly ran to the bathroom, to find their roommate standing in front of the toilet, with a gun in his hand…

The couple then found their roommate, 34-year-old Nasir Suleiman, standing in front of the toilet holding a black handgun, ‘speaking gibberish’. Suleiman then turned and pointed the gun toward the couple. Eventually they were able to convince the suspect to leave the house without further incident.

Nasir Suleiman (MNPD)

Nasir Suleiman was eventually served with the outstanding warrant on Friday afternoon, charged with two counts aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and two outstanding warrants for public intoxication and disorderly conduct when officers found Suleiman drunk, sitting in the passenger seat of his vehicle at an Antioch church just before daylight in December. He is held in lieu of a $21,000 bond.

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