James ‘Spanky’ Williams faces 100 years in prison after setting fires and using Instagram to harass and show-off

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James Hayward Williams, also known as Spanky, 42, of Port James Circle in Antioch, today was charged with 11 federal crimes relating to the burning of Music City Garage in East Nashville in December 2018 and the firing of multiple shots from a semi-automatic pistol at On the Go Tires in East Nashville on January 5.

A criminal complaint issued today charges Williams with using Instagram messages to threaten to burn Music City Garage and vehicles located on the property, with the intent to extort money from the owner; four counts of using fire to commit a federal felony; four counts of maliciously damaging a building used in interstate commerce by means of fire; and being a convicted felon in possession of a firearm.

Video below is NSFW. Explicit language warning! – Here is one of the videos we have archived from his Instagram account:

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According to the complaint, after threatening the owner with burning the business, Williams set fire to Music City Garage two times during the early morning hours on December 22, 2018, and again set fire to the building on December 24 and on December 26 in an effort to extort $30,000 from its owner. During each incident, the Nashville Fire Department (NFD) responded and extinguished blazes at the business, including vehicles, which had been set on fire. The complaint also charges Williams with possessing a .40 caliber Smith & Wesson pistol after having been convicted of a felony and firing multiple rounds from that pistol at On the Go Tires, in furtherance of an extortion attempt to collect $20,000 from a person associated with that business. As alleged in the complaint, multiple rounds were fired at the business and at a vehicle that was occupied by a young girl, narrowly missing her.

James H. Williams (MNPD)

If convicted, Williams faces more than 100 years in prison.


#ARRESTED: After a crime spree that many Nashvillians have followed on his Instagram over the past two weeks, James H Williams, 42, surrendered to Metro Police just before 4 PM today. He surrendered on 27 warrants, mainly felonies, consisting of 10 arson, 8 vandalism, and 9 aggravated assault w/deadly weapon charges. He is held on a $335,000.00 bond.

The charges include burning a car shop on Trinity Lane, and a food truck, among others. We’ll have more details soon. The incidents occurred on 12/22, 12/24, 12/26, and 01/05.
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