Jamie Tice found GUILTY of Statutory Rape of 14-year-old boy in “every room of the house”

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Jamie Tice, who told police she had sex with her daughter’s 14-year-old boyfriend in ‘every room of the house’ was just found guilty on multiple statutory rape charges in a Sumner County courtroom today, and was immediately taken into custody.

She was found guilty of 2 counts of aggravated statutory rape by an authority figure, and 4 counts of aggravated statutory rape,and will be required to register as a sex offender. Sumner county sentencing is scheduled for March 22nd.

Tice still faces additional charges in Davidson County. She has a hearing in that case on February 21st, where she faces two additional counts of statutory rape of an authority figure.

Jamie Tice (SCSO)


Scoop: Nashville recently received the arrest warrants from the Sumner County charges against Jamie Tice, who has admitted to having a sexual relationship with her daughter’s 14 year old boyfriend. Tice is 37 years old. The arrest affidavits detail out the charges, there are 5 charges, each covering a different period of the year, in addition to the Davidson County Charges. The most revealing detail is where Tice states that she had sex with the 14 year old in “every room of the house over the year” – where she lives with her husband and 6 children. The first incident occurred in December of 2016, and continued through October of 2017 in Sumner County – for 11 months. (Additional Charges in Nashville)

Tice is currently under a court order to have no contact with victim, or any child, male or female, under the age of 18. Davidson County already has a charge for a violation of the order of protection against her, in addition to more statutory rape charges, for which she appeared in court this morning for an initial appearance, and the next Nashville court date will be 01/22/2018. Tice has a Sumner county court date tomorrow, 12/20/17 – where she could possibly face issues with the violation of that court’s protective order, and bond conditions.

There are 5 separate charges in Sumner County, below is one of the affidavits, the others are similar in nature:

Here’s our previous coverage:

37 year old Jamie Tice of Hendersonville, was arrested in Nashville on Tuesday after an admission of having a sexual relationship with a 14 year old male, who was her daughter’s boyfriend. According to police reports from multiple counties, she had sexual intercourse with the 14 year old male approximately 20 times in the past year. When she was arrested for the two counts in Nashville on Tuesday, she was already out on bond from Sumner county, for 5 identical statutory rape charges stemming from a November arrest.

Two of the incidents that were documented by police happened in Nashville. In the first incident, Tice came to the victim’s house, picked him up,  took him to the road behind Whites Creek High School, where they had sexual intercourse while parked behind the high school before she returned him back to his home. On the second occasion in Nashville, she again picked him up from his home, and took him to a hotel behind Hooter’s in Rivergate, where they once again engaged in sexual intercourse. After being confronted about the allegations, Jamie Tice went to the victim’s residence and admitted to engaging in a sexual relationship with the victim to his parents.

Jamie Tice, 37, is married – and according to her social media, has 6 children.

According to her social media, Jamie Tice is very active with Metro Student Ministry, with many check-ins, photos and videos with the youth groups there, as recently as June of this year, where she posted “I sure do love these teens……”

The Charges so far:

  • Davidson: Aggravated Statutory Rape ($15,000 bond)
  • Davidson: Aggravated Statutory Rape ($15,000 bond)
  • Davidson: Protective Order Violation ($1,000 bond)
  • Sumner: Aggravated Statutory Rape ($12,000 bond)
  • Sumner: Aggravated Statutory Rape ($12,000 bond)
  • Sumner: Aggravated Statutory Rape ($12,000 bond)
  • Sumner: Aggravated Statutory Rape ($12,000 bond)
  • Sumner: Aggravated Statutory Rape ($12,000 bond)

Per TN Code § 39-13-506 (2016):

(c) Aggravated statutory rape is the unlawful sexual penetration of a victim by the defendant, or of the defendant by the victim when the victim is at least thirteen (13) but less than eighteen (18) years of age and the defendant is at least ten (10) years older than the victim.

Aggravated statutory rape is a Class D felony, punishable by two to 12 years’ imprisonment, and a fine of up to $5,000 per count. Sex offender registry can be up to the judge in this case, depending on the circumstance of the crime(s).

Tice is scheduled to appear in court in Sumner County on 12/20, and in Davidson County the day before,  on 12/19.

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