#LifeLesson: Never go through your grandmother’s purse. #Arrested

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19-year-old Benjamin Barnett is charged with domestic assault, after he knocked the glass out of the front door of his residence, and threatened someone with a knife – all because he was caught going through his grandmother’s purse.

Metro Police responded to a domestic disturbance on January 20th in Antioch. The defendant, Benjamin Barnett, a male victim, and Barnett’s grandmother all live at the residence. The victim reported that he caught Benjamin Barnett going through his own grandmother’s purse, and confronted him, telling him to stop. Barnett¬† then allegedly yelled and spit at the defendant, before he was pushed outside of the home by the victim. Per the report, Barnett then knocked the glass out of the front door of the home, went around to the basement entrance, kicked through a door to the upstairs once inside, then grabbed a knife and advanced toward the victim, putting him in fear.

Benjamin Barnett (MNPD)

Benjamin Barnett told officers he was simply ‘looking for cigarettes’ when going through his grandmother’s purse, but also admitted having a knife during the altercation. He was charged with domestic assault, and is free on a $1,000 bond.

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