Man arrested for public intoxication after tipping $22,000 in downtown Nashville bar

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Hotel staff advised Joel Boyers had caused a disruption at the bar, after he made several high dollar tips totaling $22,000, causing waitresses to compete to serve him. He was arrested for public intoxication and carrying a firearm in a bar. He is free on pre-trial release.

Friends of Joel Boyers called police to request a welfare check on him, after receiving concerning texts. Some of the texts talked about various drugs that ‘increased his intelligence’, and drinking while he had his gun on him at the bar. They say he also made bizarre statements about giving his child away on Facebook.

Joel Boyers (MNPD)

Metro police located Boyers at the JW Marriott bar on 8th Ave South, where he freely admitted to drinking throughout the day and smoking marijuana, all while carrying his firearm. Police obtained his current hotel bar tab which shows draft beer purchases, however his tab from his in-room mini-bar showed over a dozen drinks purchases throughout the day.

Hotel staff told police was causing a disturbance at the bar, because he made several high-dollar tips, totaling approximately $22,000, which causes the waitresses to compete to serve him. Management advised this interfered with the operation of the bar.

Joel Boyers, 39, surrendered his loaded firearm from his right front pocket, and was taken into custody, charged with public intoxication and possess of a firearm in a bar while intoxicated. He is free on pre-trial release to his Bellevue address.

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