Man calls ‘911’ 24 times about riots, fires & assaults in 22 hours, blames 88-year-old mother

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Jarry Cox, 41, was arrested Wednesday night, just before 10 p.m. Police say he called ‘911’ twenty-four times in the previous 22 hours.

An arrest warrant for Cox says the voice on each call was male. Police found Jarry Cox to be extremely intoxicated when they located him, and they state he was unaware he called each time. When pressed on the matter, Cox told officers his 88-year-old mother, who is the only other resident of the house, made the calls, despite the voice being male on each call. The topics of the calls ranged from high violence, fires, assault accusations, and riots.

Jarry Cox Jr. (MNPD)

Cox immediately plead guilty to the charges in court this morning during his review hearing, after spending 13 hours in jail. He received a 30-day suspended sentence, and was released. Cox was charged with aggravated non-emergency 911 calls in 2011, and non-emergency 911 calls in 2014, both of those cases were dismissed.

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