Marquez Crawford arrested on multiple drug & firearm charges

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Early Thursday morning, Marquez Crawford got off work, ate breakfast at Waffle House, and went live on Facebook talking about what great weekend he was about to have. Little did he know, less than 12 hours later, East CSU detectives would execute a narcotics search warrant at his home, leaving him in jail with a $147,500 bond.

Upon execution of the warrant, detectives seized:

  • Ruger P89 firearm
  • Ruger SR40 firearm
  • .22 caliber firearm
  • 4.6 grams powder (positive for both heroin and cocaine)
  • digital scale with powder residue
  • 7.7 grams cocaine
Marquez Crawford (MNPD)

Marquez Crawford told police he had just purchased the 7.7 grams cocaine for $200. Metro Police say that Crawford has previously sold narcotics to a police confidential informant.

Crawford is held in lieu of a $147,500 bond on charges of possession of cocaine w/intent ($40K), possession w/intent SCH I ($40K), possession of firearm during felony ($7.5K), felon in possession of firearm during drug offense x3 ($20K/ea). – Shop Local! Shipped to you!

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