MNPD couldn’t locate any drugs, so they charged him with felony tampering with evidence

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When Metro Police couldn’t find any drugs that Billy Medley supposedly tossed into a wooded area, they charged him with felony tampering with evidence – but the court wasn’t having it, and dismissed the case.

Metro Police Officer Joshua Lefler noticed Billy Medley, 40, loitering behind 105 East Trinity Lance on February 4th, and attempted to approach him since the property had an active trespass waiver. As the officer approached, the officer says that Medley threw “something” into a heavily wooded area, and quickly walked away. A few moments later, police made contact with Medley, and they say he freely told them he was a heroin user and had drug paraphernalia in his nearby tent, then fled on foot, disregarding numerous commands to stop.

Billy Medley Jr. (MNPD)

Once Metro Police apprehended Billy Medley, they say he also admitted the item he tossed away earlier was a “dollar bill containing approximately two tenths of heroin” when he saw police approaching. According to a police report, they used “several detectives” to search for the dollar bill containing heroin, but were never able to locate it. Detectives then charged Medley with felony tampering with evidence (along with trespassing and evading arrest).

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Once in court on February 8th, the felony tampering charge was dismissed. Medley received suspended time sentences for the other two misdemeanors, and was released.

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