Nashville inmate threw urine into correctional officer’s face

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Inmate Chad Edwards, 24, who is serving his first year, of a six-year sentence for voluntary manslaughter, now faces an additional charge of assault of an officer after he tossed urine on her face, also resulting in another inmate doing the same.

Edwards was housed in cell 218, which is in the top-tier of the housing united at the Metro Core Civic facility at 5115 Harding Place. A Correctional officer was collecting trash from the area of that cell on 02/25/18 when she was hit with urine, coming from the food port of cell 218. The urine soaked her face, hair, and uniform, and then another inmate in the adjacent cell also threw urine on her.

Chad Edwards (MNPD)

Chad Edwards has a review hearing in court this morning, as he faces the new charge of assault of an officer.

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