Officers spotted him in the parking lot, instantly recognizing him as a wanted person

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If you’re going to be a criminal, being this recognizable will not likely help your career when it comes to running from police. That’s a lesson Joshua Parsons learned the hard way Wednesday night, when he was spotted across a parking lot, and immediately identified as a wanted person.

Metro’s Gang Unit detectives observed 37-year-old Joshua Parsons driving in the Harbor Freight parking lot on Lebanon Pike in Donelson late Wednesday night. Once he finally parked in a parking space, detectives moved in on the vehicle to take Parsons into custody on outstanding weapon and theft charges, and other out of county warrants.

Joshua Parsons (MNPD)

During the arrest, detectives say they found a Ziploc bag containing 29.3 grams of methamphetamine near the center console, and a bag of 3.5 grams of heroin beside the cop holder. Inside the center console, officers found a 9 mm semi-automatic  handgun, fully loaded with a round in the chamber.

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Joshua Parsons claimed ownership of gun, and the drugs, telling police he sold both crystal methamphetamine and heroin.  He is held on a $87,500 bond, with charges consisting of felony capias, possession with intent, and handgun charges. He also has an out-of-county hold for additional warrants.

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