Sex worker recognizes MNPD ‘Undercover John’. Cocaine, Xanax, Ecstasy, & Ambien seized

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Victoria Scott, 23, placed an ad for sex online, and when an MNPD ‘Undercover John’ responded and came to her hotel room, she immediately recognized him from a previous arrest.

Metro Police responded to a prostitution ad placed on a website, and made contact with the woman. later identified as Victoria Elisabeth Scott, 23, via a phone. She told the undercover detective it was $150 for an hour of time with her, they agreed, and she directed Detective Wilson to a hotel on Sidco Drive, where they met at room 123.

As Detective Wilson entered the room, she immediately recognized him as being with MNPD from a previous arrest. Once she was mirandized, she gave consent to search her purse, where a small amount of marijuana, 13 grams of cocaine, 4 Xanax pills, 3 ecstasy pills, and 2 Ambien were found.

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Victoria Scott (MNPD)

Victoria Scott remains jailed in lieu of a $17,500 bond, charged with possession of cocaine, simple possession x2, possession SCH I, possession SCH IV, and prostitution.

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