“You ain’t f**king handcuffing me”…. they did.

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Metro Police say they were taking James E Scales into custody on February 6th at Centennial Hospital for outstanding warrants. Scales was ordered to stand up and place his hands behind his back, but he had other plans this afternoon. Scales placed his arms on the inside of his shirt, and then his hands into his pants, and told officers “You ain’t fucking handcuffing me!”, and sat back down on his hospital bed.

An arrest report says Officer McLester took his forearm and pushed Scales down on the bed, at which time he considered Scales to be resisting arrest, when Scaled pushed back up against Officer McLester and stood up. Officer Jonathan Watch assisted by grabbing the defendant’s left arm and pushing him against the wall, at which time Scales swung his arm attempting to strike Officer Watch. Eventually Scales was placed against the wall and handcuff his right hand. Officer watch then forced the defendant’s left arm behind his back in a ‘pain compliance manner’ to defuse the rage exhibited by Scales, and was then able to cuff his remaining hand. Officer McLester sustained minor lacerations during the arrest.

James Scales Jr (MNPD)

James Scales, 26, is charged with 2 counts of assaulting a police officer, 1 count of resisting arrest, and his 2 outstanding warrants of domestic assault. His bond is set at $9,000.00.

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