Booster: 4th theft case. No convictions, despite video of thefts. Meet Candice Collins.

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Candice Collins, 35, was arrested again on Wednesday, this time charged with a December shoplifting incident, during which police say her and co-defendant Justin Messick were captured on video stealing merchandise. She continues to avoid consequences, and keep her charges expungeable, despite multiple arrests with video evidence, and continued violations of her never-ending probation.

Police say the theft occurred at the Victoria’s Secret store inside the Opry Mills Mall on December 22nd, 2018. The loss prevention officer provided video of the theft, during which they observed Collins and Messick conceal and steal assorted merchandise from the store, leaving without paying. The identification was made with the assistance of MNPD Detective Weeks.

Candice Collins (MNPD)

Candice Collins is well-known to Metro Police. In October of 2018, Collins entered the Dollar General store on Robinson Road in Old Hickory, concealed merchandise in her purse, and the entire incident was captured on video, and she was well-known to the store manager. Once in court, the District Attorney’s office agreed to retire the case without prosecuting it, and make it eligible to be expunged if she stay out of trouble for 3 months.

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However, Collins isn’t know for staying out of trouble, as much as she is for avoiding the consequences. Her first shoplifting case was in 2011, during which Judge Eisenstein dismissed her case with court costs (still owed) taxed to her. Then in 2014, Collins was charged with felony theft ($1K-$10K), and Judge Cheryl Blackburn and the District Attorney’s office agreed to a deferred judgment, with no conviction, eligible for eventual expungement. Since that charge she’s had multiple probation violations, the most recent in February of 2019, during which Blackburn restarted her probation for 3 years, with a new end date of September of 2020, and notes that the expungement and deferred status with no conviction will remain on the case. She was on that probation at the time of her arrest Wednesday.

Collins posted a $1,000 bond and was released from jail. She is scheduled to appear for a hearing in April.

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