Booster ‘polite and respectful’ during arrest, police say

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Police say Kia Batey, 34, was “polite and respectful towards officers” when they arrested her Sunday morning. Batey was involved in a car crash on Cameron Street, when another car collided into hers. Batey provided the officer a Tennessee identification-only card, as her license to drive is currently revoked.

Officer Adam Warren ran Batey’s identification through ARMS and discovered she had an outstanding warrant for shoplifting from Victoria’s Secret at Opry Mills Mall, for which he took her into custody. Officer Warren notes on his report that Batey was “polite and respectful towards officers” during the arrest.

Kia Batey (MNPD)

Her outstanding warrant was for ‘theft of merchandise’, and was issued on February 13th, when loss prevention officers at Victoria’s Secret at Opry Mills Mall. Batey was with another female suspect, her co-defendant. Both suspects are said to have placed items from the store racks into a bag they had stashed between them. Store personnel attempted to stop the suspects, but were unable to do so. Batey dropped several items in a wooded area next to the parking lot, and both suspects fled. A ‘booster’ is someone who steals from retailers and resells the merchandise for profit.

Batey, of University Court, was charged with theft and driving without a license. She is free on pre-trial release, and is scheduled to appear in court in April.

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