Cocaine: BB King’s Blues Club Mgr told police he ‘needed it for the nightlife club he manages’, per warrant

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Monday was quite the day for BB King’s Blues Club Operations Manager Carlos Motley[fb]. Police say he passed a cruiser doing 80 in a 55 at 2:30 a.m., and when pulled over and asked to exit the car, he rolled up his windows, locked his doors, and refused. About the cocaine they found, police say he admitted to “needing it for the nightlife club he manages.”

Metro Police say Carlos Motley[IG], 31, was driving his 2016 Ford Focus just after 2:30 a.m. Monday morning, coming onto I-40 East at a high rate of speed, and came close to Officer Daryn Yentes’ patrol car before speeding past him in excess of 80 mph, in a 55 mph zone. Officer Yentes initiated his emergency equipment which caused Motley to slam on his brakes, almost coming to a complete stop in the middle of the interstate. Motley eventually moved his vehicle to the shoulder of the road, where the officer made contact with him through the passenger side window, which was already down.

Carlos Motley (MNPD)

Police say the odor of marijuana was apparent, and coming through the open window. When asked if there was any marijuana in the car, they say Motley told them “No, I just smoked it, the ash is in the ashtray.” When asked for his license police say Motley refused more than 6 repeated times, pretending he could not find it, despite the officer clearly seeing it in his wallet.

Officer Yentes reports while Motley was ‘searching’ for his license, he observed a clear baggy with white powder in the center console, and when asked about it, Motley replied “what baggy?”. At that time, Motley was ordered out of the vehicle, and told to step to the front of the patrol car. Motley then rolled up the passenger side window, locked his doors, and refused to exit the vehicle. He was observed moving things around in the center console, and given more than three commands to exit, Motley eventually complied and was detained outside the door of his vehicle. On the ground where he was now standing, officers observed the same clear plastic baggy, by Motley’s feet.

A search of the car resulted in several $1 bills folded up with white powder inside, which Motley later admitted to be cocaine., along with the powder in the bag, and claimed it was only for ‘personal use’. Police say that Motley admitted to “needing it for the nightlife club he manages.” The total weight of the cocaine was 4.5 grams.

According to an arrest warrant, Motley admitted to drinking ‘at least three’ drinks mixed with Jameson with in the last couple of hours before being stopped. Police say he showed ‘extreme signs of impairment’ on all three field sobriety tests. Motley refused to consent to a blood draw or breath test, and refused to sign the implied consent form.

Motley, who is the Operations Manager of BB King’s Blues Club Nashville, was charged with possession of cocaine with intent, DUI, and violation of the implied consent law. He posted a $25,000 bond after around 15 hours in jail.

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