Comfort Zone offered complimentary “hand releases”, per warrant details

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The city seemed surprised at sudden closure of several massage businesses this week, including Bellevue Comfort Zone, which got the most attention and media blitz late Wednesday. The investigation into Bellevue Comfort Zone had been ongoing for several months. On multiple prior occasions, MNPD undercover detectives made appointments, arrived at the business, removed their clothes, laid on a massage table, often undraped, and let females touch their genitals before stopping the session, but still making sure to tip them in cash for the visits.

Here’s the details of two of the visits:

On Wednesday, December 5th, 2018, an undercover detective called Bellevue Comfort Zone and made an appointment for 1:30 p.m. that same day, with Alivia King, who owned the business. When he arrived, he was escorted to a massage area, and once on the table, where the massage began. Alivia King began to attempt to ‘manipulate’ his penis, and told the undercover detective this service was complimentary, and a “hand release” was included in the $160 price of the massage. Without revealing his identity, the detective asked King to stop this action, and paid her $160 for the massage, and a $20 cash tip, in “exchange for services” per the warrant.

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The most recent of the visits came this Monday, March 4th, when MNPD detectives located an advertisement on the ‘RubRatings’ website, and made an appointment – he was directed to the storefront of Bellevue Comfort Zone. Once he arrived at the location, he was told to follow “Lucy” (later identified as Cindy Murillo) inside the business. “Lucy” directed the undercover detective to get comfortable, and did not drape the male detective with any linens once he stripped and was on the table. According to the warrant, “Lucy” began to massage the detective’s genital area. without revealing his identity, the detective told “Lucy” to stop this action, and ended the massage. He paid $160 in cash, and left a $40 cash tip, before leaving the location.

Copies of these two affidavits are below:

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