Defendants in Cobra Bar Double Murder Charged Moments Ago in a New Murder Indictment

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Months of diligent investigative work into the senseless murder last August of Nashvillian Kendall Rice led to today’s indictment of Demontrey Logsdon and Horace Williamson III on charges of first-degree murder and aggravated robbery.  Additionally, Logsdon and Williamson are each indicted on a charge of especially aggravated robbery for shooting Angel Gonzales-Bernis, 40, at Falcon View Apartments on E. Palestine Avenue just minutes after Rice was killed.  Gonzales-Bernis survived.

Demontrey Logsdon 3-22-19 (MNPD)

Rice, 31, was on his way to work at 5 a.m. on August 14th, walking from his home to catch a bus on N. Gallatin Pike, when a dark sedan drove up behind him in the 100 block of Alta Loma Road.  According to a witness, two men shot Rice and fled.  He died at the scene.  His personal belongings were missing.  At 5:15 a.m., Gonzales-Bernis was shot during a robbery in the parking lot of Falcon View Apartments.

Horace Williamson 3-22-19 (MNPD)

Logsdon, 21, and Williamson, 28, have been in jail since last August.  They were indicted in September on a number of criminal counts, including first-degree murder, especially aggravated robbery, and especially aggravated kidnapping for the shooting deaths of Bartley Teal and Jaime Sarrantonio outside the Cobra Nashville Bar on August 17, 2018.

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Williamson was arrested on the evening of August 17th and charged with aggravated kidnapping, aggravated assault and unlawful gun possession for forcing his girlfriend to go with him at gunpoint after she had asked a couple to give her a ride to get away from Williamson.  He is also charged with aggravated robbery for the August 12th robbery/carjacking of a man in Bellevue.

Lacory Lytle 3-22-19 (MNPD)

Logsdon was arrested on August 20th and charged with aggravated kidnapping for accompanying Williamson when he forced his girlfriend to go with him at gunpoint.

A third man connected to all of this, Lacory Lytle, is also facing a new indictment charging him with fraudulent use of a credit card, theft, and identity theft in regard to victim Rice, and fraudulent use of a credit card in regard to victim Gonzales-Bernis.

Kendall Rice

Lytle, 25, was arrested on August 20th on charges of felony identity theft, fraudulent use of a credit card, and theft.  Those charges concerned his use of a credit card of one of the surviving victims in the Cobra Bar case.

The investigation into the shootings of Rice and Gonzales-Bernis was headed by Madison Precinct Detective James Davis, who was assisted by his fellow Madison Precinct detectives, MNPD Detective & electronics expert Chad Gish, and scientists at the MNPD Crime Lab.  Assistant District Attorneys Kristen Kyle-Castelli and Megan King are prosecuting these cases.

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