DUI Arrest: “I had 2 Blue Motherf–ckers at Sensations”; vomits outside vehicle

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Paige Bennett, 31, was arrested in the early hours of Thursday morning, charged with driving under the influence, and violation of the implied consent law. She is free on pre-trial release. Bennett has 8 prior charges, spanning 5 arrests, all of which were dismissed, including a prior DUI, and multiple drug possession charges. She’s never been found guilty of a charge in a Davidson County court.

Metro Police noticed Bennett driving her vehicle on 4th Avenue South, near McCann Street. As they watched, she parked in front of a closed business, facing the wrong way on a one-way street. Officers approached her vehicle and report they immediately smelled the odor of alcohol coming from Bennett’s breath.

Paige Bennett (MNPD)

When asked if she had been drinking, Paige Bennett stated “I had 2 Blue Motherfuckers at Sensations bar”. Officers noted she had slurred speech, and had vomited outside her vehicle. She agreed to perform SFST’s (field sobriety tests), which she performed poorly on, but refused a breath test.

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Paige Bennett was arrested and charged with DUI, and violating the implied consent law. She was freed on the pre-trial release program, and is scheduled to appear in court in March.

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