Man attempts to stash drugs in stranger’s car after fiery car crash

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Metro Police responded to a vehicle on fire in the 3100 block of Nolensville Road on Wednesday, which was also suspected of a hit-and-run. As they arrived on scene, a witness flagged them down, stating a man from the car, which was now on fire, attempted to place a backpack inside of her car.

Justin Perron Davis, 36, who told police he was the passenger of the vehicle on fire, admitted the backpack was his, but the drugs did not belong to him. Inside the black backpack, police found a glass jar with 78.4 grams of marijuana, in 11 individual bags. 9.9 grams of cocaine, scales and a grinder were also seized. Davis had $306 on his person, which was all seized due to police attributing it to money associated with drug sales.

Justin Davis (MNPD)

Justin Davis was charged with possession w/intent of both marijuana and cocaine, along with a paraphernalia charge. He posted a $13,500 bond via Elite Bonding, and will appear in court later this month. – Shop Local! Shipped to you!

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